DOMAIN PURCHASE (Per Annum)1Year 1 (N$)Year 1 + 2 (N$)
.com domain (p/a)480.00720.00 domain1,050.001,899.00 domain (p/a)1,000.001,899.00 domain (p/a)1,000.001,799.00
.na premium domain (p.a)7,900.0013,899.00
.estate domain (p/a)750.001,059.00
.info domain (p/a)450.00620.00
.cc domain (p/a)400.00529.00
.org domain (p.a)500.00
.xyz domain (p/a)300.00
Static Website (1 page scrolling, no database integration)3.12,500.00
Dynamic Website - Labour (p/h)3.2350.00 p/h
Back End Content Management System (CMS)3.32,500.00
Google Analytics Integration3.4300.00
Live chat integration3.5300.00
Special Offer - Feb to Oct 2020 - Web Dev + Domain+ Email4,999.00
Special Offer - Nov 20 to Oct 21 - Web Dev + Domain+ Email3,499.00
.xyz Wedding Website Design & Hosting590.00
.com Wedding Website Design & Hosting790.00
Website Maintenance (p/h)315.00
Labour Special Rate180.00
Wedding website design450.00
e-Commerce (Prestashop)1,300.00
Special Offer - Nov 21 to Oct 22 - Web Dev + Domain+ Email3499.00
HOSTED EMAIL (@domain)4p.a.
Hosted Email (@domain) - 5 mailboxes - p.a4.1FREE
Hosted Email (@domain) - 10 mailboxes p.a4.2550.00
Hosted Email (@domain) - 20 mailboxes - p.a4.3700.00
Hosted Email (@domain) - 50 mailboxes - p.a4.4900.00
Hosted Email (@domain) - 100 mailboxes - p.a4.51,050.00
5GB Premium Hosted Email (@domain) per mailbox - p.a4.6500.00
10GB Premium Hosted Email (@domain) per mailbox - p.a4.7600.00
GOOGLE SEO5Subject to quote from Google
Google Search Engine Listing5.1
Domain Hosting - DNS only- p.a6.1250.00
Domain Hosting - Lite - p.a6.2550.00
Domain Hosting - Medium - p.a6.3850.00
Domain Hosting - Premium p.a6.41,050.00
Domain Hosting - Ultimate - p.a6.51,500.00
SSL Certificate400.00
Flyer Design275.00
Logo Design295.00
Whatsapp Invite HD Video (.mp4)150.00
Contract Printing120.00
A4 Page Colour / B+W9.00
Document Binding (A4)20.00
Brochure Design350.00


1Year 1 charged at full rate
Year 1+2 charged at 20% discount

2Once off setup fee
3.1Static Website
Single Page Layout
Reponsive Layout (Mobile Friendly)
No database integration
Limited to one contact form
Ideal when information does not need to be updated
3.2Dynamic website
Multi Page Layout
MySQL integration
Responsive Layout (Mobile Friendly)
Online chat feature
Multiple contact forms
Information can be updated easily
3.3Content Management System (CMS)
Login on back-end and update site information
Custom built CMS
3.4Google Analytics Integration
Free to use
Monitor your site visit activities
Powerful customizable reports; create your own reports with an easy drag and drop interface
Export to excel at a breeze; the data export function works flawlessly and the opportunities are endless.
New features added periodically; the Web Analytics package has evolved to become a high-end solution for small, medium and large (multinational) organizations.
3.5Chat integration
Free to use for up to 3 agents
Get notifitions every time a user visits your site
See real time behaviour and movements of users on your site
Answer chats from your smartphone - Android and IOS app available
41.5GB Mailbox storage
Accessible through POP/IMAP/WEBMAIL
1 GB Additional document space
4.65GB Mailbox Space Attachments up to 250MB Calendar Sync Email recall Exchange Activesync IMAP/POP access
4.710GB Mailbox Space Attachments up to 250MB Calendar Sync Email recall Exchange Activesync IMAP/POP access
5.1Website listed on the first page of search results
6.1Only CNAME, Nameserver and A records, with 50MB web space
6.2100MB web space, guaranteed uptime, 1x MySQL database, 5x mailboxes
6.3200MB web space, guaranteed uptime, 2x MySQL databases, 5x mailboxes
6.4500MB web space, guaranteed uptime, 5x MySQL databases, 5x mailboxes
6.52048MB web space, guaranteed uptime, 25x MySQL databases, 25x mailboxes